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Necta Concerno Vending Machine - VENDONS COFFEE


Optimized in its size for small and medium-sized spaces, Concerto offers the ideal freestanding beverage solution. Size reduction doesn't mean a limited choice: the elegant Concerto delivers a large selection of quality hot and cold options to suit every taste.

The best technology for perfect beverages

Elegant black and silver case with two attractive LED-lit panels. Capacitive selection panel with a chrome frame. Wide choice and excellent quality of the prepared beverage. Large graphic screen of 188 x 64 pixels. Easy menu control for adjusting appliances and beverages.
Dimensions and weight:
  • 600 mm
    WIDTH (W)
  • 740 mm
    LENGHT (L)
  • 1700 mm
    HEIGHT (H)
  • Approx. 125 kg
Power requirements:
1850 W POWER
Power consumption: 1850 W Capacity: 500 cups Stirrer capacity: 450 cups
User Interface: Direct selection of up to 16 selections with product labels Number of bowls: 5 to 6 Number of stirring bowls: 3

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