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Vending Machine Bianchie Lei 600 Smart - VENDONS COFFEE

LEI 600 Smart

An automatic vending machine for hot drinks with 600 cups capacity. Designed to easily interchange the push-button panel and adapt to different locations.

The combination of quality and ease of production of hot beverages

Reinforced cabinets with anti-vandal hinges, and door appearance with programmable code. Switching power supply that guarantees total stability of the instant product dose and complete electric safety protections. Standard multi-protocol electronics. Compatible with telemetry.
Dimensions and weight:
  • 620 mm
    WIDTH (W)
  • 735 mm
    LENGHT (L)
  • 1830 mm
    HEIGHT (H)
  • 155 kg
Power requirements:
1.8 kW POWER
Power Consumption: 1.8 kW - 2.25kW Vandal resistant coin insertion kit Production capacity: Coffee beans *3.50kg, Decaffeinated coffee 1.40 kg, Barley 1.50 kg, Milk 2.20 kg, Creamer 4.00 kg, Chocolate 4.80 kg, Lemon tea 5.20 kg, Tea 2.40 kg, Soup 3.80 kg, Sugar 5.20 kg, Stirrers 600 pcs, Cups 600 pcs, Large cups 400 pcs User Interface: Direct panel selection with 13 buttons, 10 of which are direct selection, 1 preselection and 2 sugar dosing buttons.
Cup sensor to reduce the consumption of plastic cups and to deliver a beverage in a mug. Slow falling product dispensing door. Compatible with paper cups and wooden stirrers. Energy Saving Mode to reduce the energy consumption when the machine is in standby. In accordance with the standard of access for people with disabilities.

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