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About us, Who we are, term of use - VENDONS COFFEE

About us

Who we are

The main activity of the company is to provide services through self-service vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snack products, as well as installation, service, logistics, and selling products displayed in vending machines. VENDONS COFFEE imports and distributes self-service vending machines.

All vending machines are under full sanitary and general technical control, use quality raw materials and purified water, which guarantees the quality and safety of the product. All our vending machines are technically compliant with occupational safety standards and stand out for their low power and water consumption.

About Vendons Coffee

Terms of use Vendons Coffee

Terms of use

We use three billing models when using self-service appliances:

- Customers pay for beverages themselves by inserting money (paper and/or metal and/or credit key)

- The company pays a certain amount (subsidizes) per user on a monthly basis (credit key)
It is recharged once a month for the amount predetermined and pre-estimated by you. Using a credit key gives you control over costs. Easy and simple to use, no need for carrying paper and/or metal money. When the credit on the key is used up, the customer can recharge it himself/herself by inserting paper and/or metal coins in the amount desired or simply wait until the beginning of next month for the new recharge.

- The vending machine works in free mode (at the end of the month a list of ordered drinks is made and this is invoiced)
All hot beverages are free of charge to customers and in places where a drink list is made once a month (the machine has a digital counter inside) and that amount is invoiced to the company.

VENDONS COFFEE is responsible for the installation of vending machines, connection to installations, regular filing of components, as well as maintenance of hygiene and servicing of vending machines.

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