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Vending Self Appliances - VENDONS COFFEE

What do we offer?

Excellent quality, superior service, constant support.

Excellent quality

We import prestigious vending machines. We are engaged in the distribution, installation, and servicing of self-service vending machines to contracted locations. Whether you want a vending machine for coffee, food, hot or cold drinks.

Perfect taste

Preparing high-quality beverages should be as easy as tasting. This is where VENDONS COFFEE steps in. The raw materials we use to make beverages are from reputable foreign and domestic manufacturers, and they make the ritual of making and serving a unique experience.


With our devices, you enable employees to better meet job breaks, which increases their satisfaction and affects the quality of work and, consequently, the fulfillment of work responsibilities.

Service support

Vending machines are at your disposal completely free of charge, and our maintenance and regular replenishment of vending machines with raw materials and articles are at your service twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.


The challenge of creating a machine without problems is, at the very least, great and can only be achieved by looking at the design from a different perspective. Something new, something different from what is commonly used or known in the market by presenting a unique and authentic creation.


Our appliances have the ability to define a making process of a large number of different types of beverages, or products, depending on the total number of users. They are easily adaptable, which makes them equally suitable for companies with large and small numbers of employees.

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